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The ITS Info-communications Forum continues to contribute to the realization of world's most safe, environment - friendly and economical road traffic society by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies.

Previous Meetings

Material Used in Previous Meetings

Date Meeting

2009/Jul/13-16  GSC-14 (ITU Tower building, Geneva,SWITZER LAND)
Title:  ITS Radiocommunication Systems in Japan "Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communicaation systems using 700MHz band"(GSC14 yamamoto.pdf)

2006/Nov/8-12  13th ITS World Congress SS59 and SS64 (ExCel London,London,UK)

 Special Session 59: Communications for Vehicle safety
 Moderator: Satoshi Oyama
Title:  Vehicle Safety Communications in Honda (Toshio Yokoyama)
 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety Communication Systems in JAPAN (Masaki Kakihara)
 Vehicle Safety Communications in the US (Wieland Holfelder)
 Car-2-Car Communication Consortium and COMeSafety in Europe (Rudolf Mietzner)
 Wireless Communications for Vehicle Safety (Yuji Nakamura)

 Special Session 64: Current status of global vehicle safety communications
 Moderator: Sadayuki Tsugawa
Title:  The Fourth Phase of Advanced Safety Vehicle Project (Kenji Wani)

2005/Nov/6-10  12th ITS World Congress SS30 and SS32 (MOSCONE CENTER,San Francisco,USA)

 Special Session 30: Future ITS Wireless Conmmunications
Title:  DSRC Standards Development in ITU-R and Japan (Sam Oyama)

 Special Session 32: Essential Radio Communications Technologies for ITS
Title:  DSRC for Vehicle Safety (Wieland Holfelder)
 Millimeter wave ITS Radio Communications(Masayuki Fujise)
 Trends in Wireless Communications For Automobiles Leading to SDR and Implications for Antennas (Mark Cummings)
 The Final Destination of Broadband, WiBro Service Plan (Shim Min Goo)

2005/Sep/2  VANET 2005 Meeting (Cologne, GERMANY)
Title:  DSRC and Ad-hoc Network development in Japan (5902 VANET Oyama r2.pdf)

2005/May/31  Meeting on Vehicle Safety Communication (Volkswagen AG Kundencenter Multimedia Room,Hannover,GERMANY)
This meeting is organized by the Car2Car Communication Consortium and supported by the European Commission. ITS Info-communications Forum cooperated to establish this meeting.


 European challenge and political framework:
Title:  The European challenge and political framework (Juhani Jaaskelainen)

 Current status of VSC Research and Development worldwide:
Title:  Workshop Vehicle Safety Communication (Matthias Schulze)
 Current Status of VSC R&D in Japan (Prof. Sadayuki Tsugawa)
 Current ASV & other Activities (Prof. Yoshimi Furukawa)
 Current AHS Activities in Japan (Teruo Yamauchi)
 Current Status of VSC R & D in ITS Info-communications Forum (Tetsuo Horimatsu)
 VSC R & D in METI Group (Kaoru Seki)

 Objectives and potential applications of vehicle safety communications:
Title:  Objectives and potential applications of Car-2-Car Communications (Ingrid Paulus)
 AHS Road - Vehicle Cooperation (Akio Hosaka)
 Toward "zero-nize" (Hiroyuki Kanemitsu)

 Technologies for vehicle safety communicationss:
Title:  Technologies for Vehicle Safety Communications (Timo Kosch)
 Technologies for vehicle safety communications - Japan (Prof. Sadayuki Tsugawa, Tetsuo Horimatsu and Satoshi Oyama)

 Implementation strategies, business cases, legal implications:
Title:  Market Introduction and Success Factors (Dr. Bernd Rech)
 JAMA's Role for Implementation of VSC (Kiichi Yamada, Masaki Kakihara and Masao Fukushima)

 Information about the VSC status in the USA:
Title:  Cooperative Vehicle Activities in the US (Chris Wilson)
 Project Final Overview, Completed Work in North America (Chris Kellum)

 Next Steps:
Title:  Demonstartion and International Symposium for IVC (Kazumitsu Kushida)

2004/Oct/18-22  11th ITS World Congress SS16,SS27,TP45 and TP74 (Port Messe Nagoya,Nagoya,JAPAN)

 Special Session 16: Essential Radio Communications Technologies for ITS
Title:  Vehicle to vehicle Communications Applications (Mathias Schultze)
 Radio Access Technology for Telematics Service (Hyun Seo Oh)
 DSRC Standards for Multiple Applications (Yasuto Kudoh)
 International Standardization Activities for ITS Radiocommunications: A focus on the ITU-R activities, and the recent ITU-T APSC-TELEMOV (Paul Najarian)

 Special Session 27: Development of DSRC Multiple Application
Title:  Status of DSRC Applications in Japan (Yoshiteru Iwami)
 Proposed Applications for 5.9 GHz DSRC in North America (Dick Schnacke)
 European DSRC Applications Developments (Guy Fremont)
 Promotion of DSRC Applications of Japan (Hideo Tsuji)

 Technical Session 45: Road Pricing and Electronic Fee Collection 1
Title:  Free Flow Tolling Systems based on GNSS: Advantages, Experiences, Success Factors (Thomas-Axel Stenske)
 Towards A National Specification For Interoperable Road Charging Systems (Duncan Matheson)
 Austrian Nationwide Truck Tolling Scheme (Josef Czako)
 TANGO Collect, Killometre Charges for Heavy Goods Vehicles - The Swedish Approach (Inger Gustafsson)
 Road Pricing: Traffic Detection Technologies and Drivers Response Evaluation, Comparative Study in France and California (Caroline Bigot)

 Technical Session 74: DSRC Application
Title:  The USA's 5.9 GHz DSRC Prototype Development Program (Dick Schnacke)

2003/Nov/18  10th ITS World Congress SS16 and SS20 (IFEMA,Madrid,SPAIN)
 Special Session 16: ITS Radio Communications -New Technologies and Deployment
Part1: New Technologies
Title:  ITS Radio Communications: New Technologies and Deployment (oyamaSS16.pdf)
 North America Activities Update -Beyond Standards- (schnackeSS16.pdf)
 5.8/5.9GHz DSRC Standards in ISO/TC204 and Europe (evensenSS16.pdf)
 SmartGateway: A Platform for Seamless Communication over DSRC Spots (habuSS16.pdf)
 Special Session 20: ITS Radio Communications -New Technologies and Deployment
Part2: Emerging Services on DSRC Platform
Title:  Development of ITS in Japan -Focusing on DSRC- (katoSS20.pdf)
 Applications Supported by Next-Generation 5.9GHz DSRC (schnackeSS20.pdf)
 Road to Vehicle Communications for Safety: AIDA and IVHW (fremontSS20.pdf)

2003/Sep/4-5  International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications(ARIB,Tokyo,JAPAN)
Title:  Workshop Agenda(agenda.pdf)
 Minutes on VSC Workshop (workshop_minutes.pdf)
 International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications-Session1- (schaffnit4_2.pdf)
 Road to Vehicle Communications via DSRC:the AIDA system (fremont4_4.pdf)
 Objective of Vehicle Safety Communication(hosaka5_1_1.pdf)
 International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications-Session2- (schaffnit5_1_2.pdf)
 European perspective on Wireless Communications (fremont5_1_3.pdf)
 International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications-Session3- (schaffnit5_2_1.pdf)
 CHAUFFEUR 2 Final presentation Balocco, 07.05.2003 (fremont5_2_2.pdf)
 Applications of DSRC in Japan -DSRC application to Vehicle Safety- (seki5_2_3.pdf)
 Communications for Vehicle Safety (evensen5_3_1.pdf)
 IVHW:an Inter-Vehicle Hazard Warning system (fremont5_3_2.pdf)
 Study Approach of Vehicle to Vehicle communications (horimatsu5_3_3.pdf)
 International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications-Session4- (schaffnit5_3_4.pdf)
 Study on the next generation ITS radio communication in Japan (terashima5_4_1.pdf)
 International Workshop on Vehicle Safety Communications-Session5- (schaffnit5_4_3.pdf)
 Evaluation of the AIDA system (fremont5_4_4.pdf)
 ITS Standardization Activities -ITU-R,ASTAP & Japan- (oyama5_5_1.pdf)
 Global Standards on ITS radio communications -Japan- (tachikawa5_5_3.pdf)
 Conclusion of the VSC Workshop (conclusion.pdf)

2003/Sep/3  International Seminar on Vehicle Safety Communications(Kasumigaseki Plaza Hall,Tokyo,JAPAN)
Title:  Seminar Program(seminar_porg.pdf)
 Overview of ITS and Vehicle Safety Communications in the world(kawashima0903.pdf)
 Vehicle Safety Communications in North America (schaffnit0903.pdf)
 VSC development in Japan(hasegawa0903.pdf)
 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe(fremont0903.pdf)

2002/Dec/10  ASTM 5.9GHz DSRC TF Meeting (Miami Beach,FL,USA)
Title:  DSRC in JAPAN -Status Report-(2Z11 JPN_StatusRPT v2.pdf)