ITS Info-communications Forum

The ITS Info-communications Forum continues to contribute to the realization of world's most safe, environment - friendly and economical road traffic society by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies.


The ITS Info-communications Forum, in cooperation with the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (hereafter ARIB) is engaged in research and development as well as standardization activities in the information communications sector, aimed at the practical realization of intelligent transport systems (ITS). ARIB is charged with formulating standards and other norms for users and ITS equipment manufacturers, based on national laws and other technical standards.

Experts belonging to the ITS Info-communications Forum evaluate results and prepare draft standards for submission to the ARIB Standard Assembly. Furthermore, the ITS Info-communications Forum also creates guidelines aimed at disseminating and promoting ITS. These guidelines are published on the Forum's web site. Expert committees and working groups of the ITS Info-communications Forum engage in their activities while liaising as necessary with other ITS related organizations both in Japan and overseas.