ITS Info-communications Forum

The ITS Info-communications Forum continues to contribute to the realization of world's most safe, environment - friendly and economical road traffic society by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies.

ITS Info-communications Forum Charter

-ITS Info-communications Forum Charter
    (Name of organization)
    Article 1
    The name of the organization is "ITS Info-communications Forum."

    Article 2
    The goal of ITS Info-communications Forum (hereafter, referred to the Forum) is to contribute to the healthy development of radio wave usage through studies into R&D and standardization issues pertaining to ITS info-communications systems, close contacts with relevant organizations, information gathering and public awareness campaigns on the systems.

    Article 3
    To achieve the goal stated in Article 2, the Forum will conduct the following activities:
    1) R&D on ITS info-communications systems as well as studies into the possibility of turning these systems into standards
    2) Gathering, exchange and provision of information on ITS info-communications systems
    3) Close contact with relevant organizations in promoting development of ITS info-communications systems
    4) Public awareness campaigns on ITS info-communications systems
    5) Other necessary activities to accomplish the purpose of the Forum.

    Article 4
    The Forum consists of the following Members, who have agreed upon the objectives of the Forum and submitted their membership application forms stated in Article 5:
    1) General Members: Corporations and organizations
    2) Individual Members: Scholars and experts .

    Article 5
    Those wishing to become a General Member of the Forum must submit their membership application forms to the Forum.
    2. Those who wish to become an Individual Member must submit their membership application forms to the Forum and have them approved by the Steering Committee of the Forum.

    (Annual membership fee)
    Article 6
    There is an annual membership fee of 100,000 yen each per fiscal year for General Members.
    2. There is no membership fee for Individual Members.
    3. Membership fees that have been paid will not be reimbursed.

    Article 7
    Members that wish to leave the Forum must notify the Forum in written form.

    (Board of directors)

    Article 8
    The Forum has the following directors:
    1) Chair: 1 person
    2) Vice Chair: 1 person
    3) Auditor: 1 person

    (Election of directors)
    Article 9
    The directors are elected from the members of the General Assembly.
    2. The Chair, representing the Forum, presides over the General Assemblies.
    3. The Vice Chair assists the Chair; however, when the Chair cannot perform the duties due to incapacitation, such as the result of accidents, the Vice Chair will take up the duties of the Chair.
    4. The Auditor audits the accounts of the Forum of the fiscal year.
    5. The terms of these directors are for one year. Reelection of the same director(s) is permitted.
    6. The directors must continue performing their duties until their successors are elected, even after they have resigned or completed their term.

    Article 10
    The Forum can appoint Advisors.
    2. The Chair appoints Advisors from scholars and experts.

    (Special Member)
    Article 11
    The Chair is allowed to ask for participation of Special Members who have strong relevance to the Forum and its activities.

    (General Assembly)
    Article 12
    The Chair convenes General Assemblies, in which the Chair and other directors participate, along with all Members and Advisors.
    2. A General Assembly cannot be conducted without a quorum, i.e., participation of more than a half of the members stated in Article 4.
    3. The Chair presides over a General Assembly.
    4. Items on agenda are decided upon by a majority vote of participating Members. When the votes for approval and disapproval are tied, the Chair can deliver a judgment on the item.
    5. General Assemblies decides upon items stipulated in this statute separately, as well as the following items:
    1) Revisions to the statutes
    2) Activity plan and budget
    3) Report on the activity results and account settlement at the end of each fiscal year
    4) Other issues of significance regarding the operation of the Forum

    (Steering Committee)
    Article 13
    The Forum has an Steering Committee.
    2. The Chairman, with the agreement of the General Assembly appoints constituent of the Committee, who is directors, members, advisors or Special Members.
    3. Steering Committee is held when necessary to decide following matters.
    1) Choice of agenda to be discussed in the General Assembly.
    2) Matters entrusted from the General Assembly.
    3) Matters to be of special importance decided by the Chairman.
    4) Details to execute the activities of this Forum.

    (Study Committees)

    Article 14
    Study Committees can be organized by a vote within the Steering Committee when necessary, due to some reasons concerning operation of the Forum,

    Article 15
    The Forum has a Secretariat.
    2. The Secretariat is established within the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB).

    Article 16
    The Forum's operational expenses are covered by annual membership fees, contribution money and other sources of income.
    2. When the Forum conducts experiments, etc., as part of its activities, the expenses of the experiments are to be borne by the Members participating in the experiments. (This arrangement is separate from the methods of covering expenses stated in Article 16-1.)

    (Fiscal year)
    Article 17
    The Forum has adopted a fiscal year that begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 the following year.

    Additional clauses:

    1. The statutes enacted from the day of the establishment (July 21, 1999).
    2. The first fiscal year of the Forum, however, began on the day of the inaugural General Assembly (July 21, 1999); it ends on March 31, 2000, despite the stipulation under Article 17.
    3. The terms of directors for this first fiscal began on the day of the inaugural General Assembly (July 21, 1999); it ends on March 31, 2000, despite the stipulation under Article 9.