ITS Info-communications Forum

The ITS Info-communications Forum continues to contribute to the realization of world's most safe, environment - friendly and economical road traffic society by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies.

Purpose of the ITS Info-communications Forum

-Prospectus concerning ITS Info-communications Forum

    With the arrival of the new millennium, a growing desire to create an advanced information-oriented society where daily life, industry and the natural environment exist harmoniously supported by the knowledge creation activities of humankind (i.e., creation and sharing of information and knowledge).

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are being developed and applied to provide solutions to transportation problems (e.g., reduce traffic accidents and road congestion, increase distribution system efficiency, and promote harmony between society and the natural environment) by integrating the latest communications technologies into the transportation infrastructure. Introducing highly intelligent devices that enable communications between roads, vehicles and people is an important part of this. In addition to resolving transportation problems, another merit is that many business opportunities are expected to arise as new ITS applications are developed, bringing organizations involved to the forefront of the mobile multimedia systems business in the 21st century.

    In Japan, much effort is being placed on promoting ITS. However, in order to realize the advanced application of ITS in the near future, R&D and standardization activities are urgently required, particularly regarding the broad range of technologies that hold the key to successful ITS operations. Furthermore, as the use of ITS will affect not only companies involved in the communications systems business, collaboration and cooperation in R&D and standardization must be actively sought from all related organizations.

    The continued promotion of ITS and progress in areas of R&D and standardization require that all interested parties work together closely and frequently exchange information regarding ITS-related issues. Understanding this fact, organizations related by common interests agreed to establish the ITS Info-communications Forum for the purpose of realizing the practical introduction of ITS in Japan at the earliest possible date and its continued development thereafter.