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  This guideline defines the ITS application sublayer (ITS-ASL: ITS Application Sub-Layer). The ITS-ASL builds and extends ITS platforms for various applications and various wireless communication terminals by expanding the lower layer application scope of the basic application interface (basic API) on narrow area communications (DSRC) defined by the standard ARIB STD-T75 and using this basic API. The ITS-ASL also enables execution of applications using basic API by making it possible to complement the communication protocol functions of other narrow/wide area communications such as ITS FORUM RC-005, IEEE 802.11, ETSI EN 302 636, ARIB STD-T109, 4G, and 5G.

  Added positioning of this guideline to the Introduction Included information in each chapter regarding use of ARIB STD-T109 and ARIB STD-T120 for lower layer communications


(ITS FORUM RC-014 Ver. 3.0)
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