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   This guideline specifies the specifications and interfaces of the communication functions to realize the use cases of V2I and V2V (hereinafter referred to as "SIP use cases"), which were examined in the research theme of "Evaluation of 700 MHz Band ITS" among the examination of communication methods to realize the use cases of Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Phase II, Automated Operation (Extension of Systems and Services), and Cooperative Automated Operation.

   It is expected that this guideline will be fully verified in the demonstration experiment for the private use of the 700 MHz Intelligent Transportation System, and that activities for practical use will be further promoted.
 The revisions are to unify the number of bits in the "free application data area/management information/message ID" in the onboard unit transmission message and the "common information or management information/message ID" in the roadside unit transmission message to 16, respectively.


Experimental Guideline for 700 MHz Band Intelligent Transport Systems for Autonomous Driving Communication Utilization Use Cases
(ITS FORUM RC-018eng Ver. 1.1)
(3,707KB PDF)


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