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  Services for cooperative driving automation and safety driving need to be investigated from a wide range of perspectives, including not only communication technology such as whether they can meet the performance complaint to the requirements of safety and reliability but also business feasibility and regulations, such as whether they can be commercialized with the agreed responsibility, rules, and costs with many stakeholders like service operators, manufacturers, and traffic participants, etc. The TG has investigated the issues from both technical and non-technical perspectives and has published "Issue Survey Report on Advanced ITS and Driving automation Using Cellular Communications Technologies". This report is a supplementary material of the previous report, where the specific issues from SIP use cases for cooperative driving automation are identified for the respective use case with analyzing the requirement, involving stakeholders and business relations.


Issue Survey Report on Advanced ITS and Automated Driving
Using Cellular Communications Technologies
Supplementary Material: Issue Survey for SIP Use Cases
for Cooperative Driving Automation (May 2022)
(571KB PDFファイル)


>>A Japanese version is here