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   This document establishes experimental communication message guidelines to provide notification to roadside units (RSUs, infrastructure) and vehicles regarding the presence of bicycles and pedestrians using wireless communications (700 MHz band and Bluetooth®) in order to prevent accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians. In particular, it is anticipated that the system will prevent accidents where a bicycle or pedestrian suddenly emerges from an intersection (broadside collision) not equipped with a traffic signal, and it is also expected that the system will be effective in various other situations such as preventing contact when overtaking a vehicle and overlooking vehicles and so on in the vicinity when turning left or right.

   These guidelines may also be used for potential applications, if any, other than accident prevention (such as autonomous driving support and monitoring support).


Experimental Communication Messages Guidelines of BICYCLE/PEDESTRIAN Accident Prevention Support System
(ITS FORUM RC-016eng Ver. 1.0)
(1,174KB PDF)


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