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Summary of ITS Information & Communications Systems Symposium - Fiscal Year 2003

The ITS Info-communications Forum sponsored a symposium entitled "ITS Information-communications Systems Symposium," which was held on May 26 (Mon), 2003, in the conference rooms of the Zenkyouren Building. It was a very successful event with more than 270 participants.

1. Opening Remarks by Sponsoring Organization
Dr. Shoichiro TOYODA, Chairman, ITS Info-communications Forum

<Summary of Opening Remarks>
"The utilization of ITS will not only resolve the traffic congestion and environmental and safety issues confronted by Japan, it can be used to solve similar problems which are common in countries around the globe. It is anticipated that the development and evolution of related technologies will have a role in the recovery of the Japanese economy in the 21st century. Under these circumstances, the ITS World Congress will be held in Nagoya, Japan, in 2004 and the World Exposition in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 2005. It is very important that we take these opportunities to introduce and explain ITS, making its benefits easily understood to all people and appealing Japan's ITS technologies as the most advanced in the world.
Today, we are holding this symposium in order for you to discuss ITS from many points of view and exchange ideas regarding ITS business development with not only ITS experts but people from various fields. Reflecting the opinions raised during the symposium, we will increase our efforts to create further awareness and understanding of ITS information-communications technologies. Accordingly, on behalf of the ITS Info-communications Forum, I would like to request your cooperation and assistance from now on."


2. Keynote Address, Theme: "ITS-A Fuel-cell Battery for Information"
Mr. Kazuma YAMANE, Non-fiction author

Mr. Kazuma YAMANE <Summary of Keynote Address>
"Today, I will be talking about requests from the user's viewpoint. The theme I chose is based on my expectations that 'just as the fuel-cell battery is leading to the creation of a new society, ITS will be the driving force to revolutionize the information society.'
Matters regarding ITS that require attention include: 1) Requests for integrated car navigation interfacing and an increase in the number of exclusive electronic toll collection (ETC) gates; 2) the proposal to replace ITS with more easily understood wording; 3) Making it easier to understand the names of roads and cities in Japan; and 4) Integrating zip codes and area codes.
The installation of ETC systems is now spreading rapidly, and I believe that the use of ITS will spread throughout Japan more quickly than in other countries. But when thinking of what will actually trigger development, it may be necessary to rethink the basic things people seek in terms of vehicle use.
There is a pattern related to the recent Nobel Prize awards received by Japanese scientists; that is, they are all linked to "product creation" and the actualization of these products has been supported by Japanese manufacturing technologies. Japanese engineers are persistent and work hard to overcome problems, and an excellent characteristic of this is that they concentrate their power on one thing. I believe that ITS is one such item.
As a final comment, I am certain that ITS will grow to become a major industry, and its advancement rests in the hands of Japan's next generation. So, I would like to ask you to take pride in working to develop and introduce ITS, and to package ITS so that it can easily spread around the world."

3. Panel Discussion:
Dedicated Short Range Communications-Expanding Information Services for Vehicles"

Short presentations based on the title "Dedicated Short Range Communications-Expanding Information Services for Vehicles" were given by four panelists: Mr. Hiroyuki NAKAMURA, KDDI Corp.; Mr. Senichiro KIKUCHI , ITS Laboratory Co., Ltd.; Mr. Hajime AMANO, Toyota Motor Corporation; and Mr. Yasushi KATO, Toyota City Hall. The discussions that followed were moderated by Mr. Kikuo TACHIKAWA, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Discussed were: 1) What kind of influence will Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) have on society? 2) How do we promote the recognition of DSRC, and how should it be sold? (3) The subject of increasing public awareness, and the solution.

Panel Discussion Summary - Click here

4. Closing Remarks
Prof. Mitsutoshi HATORI, Vice-chairman
ITS Info-communications Forum

<Summary of Closing Remarks>
"After listening to the keynote address and panel discussion, the importance of the technologies that support ITS and the applications that support the technologies is very clear. The Forum's upcoming ITS World Congress 2004 and Expo 2005 provide excellent opportunities to show people the many various applications that are becoming more familiar through use in ETC and car navigation systems.
It is my sincere hope that this will be a turning point, and that we will see great advancements in the utilization of DSRC and the evolution of ITS. Having said this, I would now like to bring this symposium to an end. I want to thank everyone who came for attending today. Your continued support and advice will be most sincerely appreciated."

Viewing posters at the DSRC Exhibit