総会資料:MPT Press Release 21 April, 1998 Capitalizing on the Technical Features of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) - MPT Inquiry to Telecommunications Technology Council -


21 April, 1998
Capitalizing on the Technical Features of ITS
(Intelligent Transport Systems)

- MPT Inquiry to Telecommunications Technology Council -

(Unofficial Translation)

      MPT today made an inquiry to the Telecommunications Technology Council on "Capitalizing on the Technical Features of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)" as follows:

      Outline of the inquiry

        1. Many hope that Intelligent Transport Systems will be an integral component of the advanced information communication society in the 21st century. Currently part of the system is in practical use. Specifically VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication Systems), which inform drivers of real-time traffic status, have been in operation since 1996. The implementation of ETC ( Electronic Toll Collection Systems) which facilitate highway toll collection without stopping traffic, is close at hand.

          In the information communication systems comprising a generic ITS, a large variety of technologies is used capitalizing on their individual technical features. Among them are DSRC ( Dedicated Short Range Communication) for radio beacon, mobile communication technologies such as the cellular phone and MCA, and FM multiplex broadcasting technologies. The recent development of information and communication technologies is remarkable. In this context, the use of various emerging technologies featuring high-quality, high-speed information transmission techniques is anticipated, including next-generation cellular phones, wireless cards and the new positioning system.

          On the other hand, ITS, due to its potential capability to enhance logistics efficiency and relieve the existing load on the environment and its capability to contribute to the revitalization of existing urban districts, has stimulated widespread expectations from economic and social viewpoints. However, in its implementation, the system needs to appeal to an extensive audience covering a fairly broad spectrum of usage.

          With all these developments in the background, there is a need to urgently conduct discussions on a number of issues including the clarification of the future of information communication systems in the ITS, technological developments and standardization to accomplish enhancement and proliferation of ITS-related technologies, as well as measures to achieve efficient coordination among plural information communication systems.

        2. This inquiry specifically relates to the discussion on the information communication system in order to contribute to the development and standardization of information and communication technologies relating to the ITS.