総会資料:MPT Press Release January 24, 1999 Request for advice to TTC concerning DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) Systems


January 24, 1999
Toward Realization of ETC-Technology based Parking Lot Systems, Intelligent Physical Distribution Management Systems and Other Multipurpose Radio communication Systems

-- Request for advice to TTC concerning DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) Systems --

(Unofficial Translation)

    The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications today asked the Telecommunications Technology Council (TTC) (Chair: Dr. Junichi Nishizawa, President of Iwate Prefectural University) to deliberate on the "Technical Requirements for DSRC Systems." The highlights of the inquiry are as follows:


      1. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a comprehensive info-communications system dealing with road traffic and transportation. ITS is thus regarded as holding the answer to road traffic/transportation problems faced by the Japanese public, and could alleviate traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents, improve freight efficiency and contribute to preservation of the global environment. ITS is also regarded as a policy dealing with roads that cover every part of Japan and the operation of nearly 70-million vehicles nationwide. It is expected that developments in the ITS-related sector such as automobile and high-tech industries will have significant ripple effects on the Japanese economy.

      2. Launch of ETC service is close at hand, which enables highway-toll collection without the need to stop vehicles, by using of radio communications between vehicles and devices installed on roadside.

      3. Meanwhile, as one part of ITS, hopes run high for the realization of DSRC ((Dedicated Short- Range Communications) systems. By applying ETC-related radio communications technology, DSRC systems can be used for parking lot management, physical distribution management, toll collection at gas stations and various other purposes. R&D efforts are under way at related entities.

    [Gist of the inquiry]

    It was under these circumstances that the Minister asked the TTC to discuss thoroughly the technical requirements for radio equipment and other accessory conditions, aiming at the earliest possible realization of DSRC systems.

    The outcome of deliberations will be submitted to the Minister in a report around October 2000. Based on the report, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications plans to make necessary revisions to ministerial ordinances and regulations.