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Number RC-014
Enactment Date May 25, 2017
General Description   This guideline is intended to achieve the following in order to promote further diffusion of wireless communications used with ITS/DSRC.

(1) Enhancement of user convenience by the ITS application sublayer
- Enhancement of convenience of user-owned on-board equipment by extending the scope of the DSRC basic application interface
- By installing the ITS application sublayer applicable to DSRC, other narrow area communications, and wide area communications (e.g., DSRC, ITS FORUM RC-005, IEEE 802.11p, ETSI EN 302 636, LTE, 4G, 5G.) used in ITS, it is possible to use the sublayer for various applications using the basic API and is easy to intelligentize.

(2) Construction of a platform not bound by the provisions of lower layers
- Multiple communication methods are supported by constructing a flexible platform that can support future multi-access. In addition, complications regarding system construction are avoided by standardizing the interface with the upper level from the perspective of the wireless communication device.

Overview of the Revision
Version Revision
Overview of the Revision
Ver.3.1 Feb 17, 2022 Added IEEE 802.11bd when using non-IP WSMP for the lower communication layer.
Correction of notation for figure number and table number. Add description of Area Specification Data Transfer Request Primitive variables. Corrected errors.
Ver.3.0 Dec 4, 2020 Added positioning of this guideline to the Introduction Included information in each chapter regarding use of ARIB STD-T109 and ARIB STD-T120 for lower layer communications
Ver.2.0 Oct 10, 2019 Included information in each chapter regarding use of ARIB STD-T104 for lower layer communications
May 25, 2017 Established