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Number RC-012
Name 700MHz BAND INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS - Experimental Guideline for Roadside - to - Roadside Communications
Enactment Date March 31, 2014
General Description

This document is a guideline which specifies specifications and interfaces for functions required for experimental testing of communications between a base station and another base station (roadside-to-roadside communication) that is carried out in an environment where inter-vehicle communications and roadside-to-vehicle communications are implemented in accordance with the "700 MHz BAND INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS" (ARIB STD-T109) along with the "700 MHz BAND INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS - Extended Functions Guideline" (ITS FORUM RC-010) and is aimed for diversification of applications utilizing 700 MHz band intelligent transport systems.

It is hoped that this Guideline will fully be verified by organizations and other parties which utilize the respective standards for thorough practical verification and validation testing.

Overview of the Revision
Version Revision
Overview of the Revision
Ver.1.1 Sep 30, 2017 Revised to refer to the inter-roadside communication function prescribed in revised normative documents (ARIB STD-T109, ITS FORUM RC-010) .
In conjunction with this change, the title of the guideline was revised
Mar 31, 2014 Established

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