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Experimental Guideline for Vehicle Communications System using 700 MHz-Band

Number RC-006
Name Experimental Guideline for Vehicle Communications System using 700 MHz-Band
Enactment Date February 12, 2009
General Description

The Forum previously issued the Experimental Guideline for Inter-Vehicle Communications System using 5.8GHz-Band (ITS Forum RC-005). To support experiments on safe driving assistance applications using new 700 MHz band frequencies, the radio communication interfaces on the inter-vehicle communications system was established.

We hope that various activities, e.g., large-scale demonstration tests, toward the standardization of vehicle communications systems will be encouraged in the course of verifying the communication specifications in this guideline.

This guideline is based on the Broadband Mobile Access Communication System (CSMA) (ARIB STD-T71) established by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, and it is recommended that reference be made to the following for understanding.

Overview of the Revision
Version Revision
Overview of the Revision
Suppressed Oct. 12, 2017 For the guideline by which ARIB standard specifications are settled on and have completed the first issue purpose.
Feb. 12, 2009 Established

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